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About us
Welcome to The Retro Dev! This site was created to help preserve and invite a new generation into the world of retro development. From the Commodores, Apples, MS-DOS and more. Here you will find software, tutorials, gameplay videos, reviews and more. So feel free to stop by the BBS or Forum.

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Why self host everything?
So why self host everything? Well in this day and age of cloud hosting, social media, blockchain technologies self hosting might seem rather silly. However at The Retro Dev we believe very deeply that privacy/user data is important. Meaning we don't want your data please keep it to yourself. Except in some very select circumstances as defined in our Privacy policy. Mainly relating to the forums we don't collect any data.

Self hosting means we get around all of the annoyances of "modern web/web3" design principles. We believe that a website should load quickly. And a user should not have to deal with pop ups to accept/deny cookies, or need an adblocker in order to safely browse the web. This is why we host all our content. Obviously things like Patreon, Spring and Itch are platforms we use for obvious reasons. However we would like to reach a point someday and move content off of there as well.

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