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Introduce yourself
Big Grin 
Introduce yourself here! Tell everyone a bit about yourself and so on. I will naturally start

So I am The Retro Dev and I have a rather large passion for older machines. Tons of reasons for this to many to list here. Aside from retro machines I enjoy cigars, bourbon and programming.
Creator of The Retro Dev.. Living inside of FreeDOS and Linux.

System Specs:
OS: FreeDOS 1.3
CPU: AMD AM5x86-P75+ @150mhz
Memory: 64MB
Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32, Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas
Keyboard: Model-M
HD: 32 GB MicroSD
GPU: S3 Trio 64

I'm Zapa, Aka the BeardedGiant aka BacioiuC on some forums. I'm a game designer and programmer and run Bearded Giant Games - a studio that relies on freelancing to survive. But when the coffers are full after a productive freelancing session, I turn to retro development to feed the soul.

Right now I'm working a 3D Roguelike for old Macintosh Computers (SE/30, Classic II and up) that I'm hoping to port to more platforms in the future.

I'm Sean a professional game programmer by day and aspiring programming language creator at night. My latest retro project was customizing my 1up arcade machine to run off bacotera (emulation station based linux distro) and rebuilt the joystick with higher quality parts.

Going 'round here by Kaguya, nerd by day, nerd by night, weeb, coffee addict, interested in Linux, DOS, Windows 9x/2000/XP, and automatic things that don't need automating.
My projects are usually among the lines of doing cursed things in the most cursed ways.
There's no shutting me up once I get started rambling about the Orwellian world we live in. Smile
Welcome Kaguya! What Orwellian world?
(11-19-2021, 12:57 PM)BacioiuC Wrote: Welcome Kaguya! What Orwellian world?

Everyone spying on everyone, can't take a $#!t without Big Brother [insert government or big corporation here] knowing it

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