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Preparing for Launch - Ebony Spire: Quest
Hi Everyone!

Let's get this forum on the road. I'm preparing for an early 2022 launch of my game, Ebony Spire: Quest. It's going to be published by Phoenix Ware with a Shareware version of the game handled by yours truly. From the looks of it, I have about 2-ish months to garner attention to the game and prepare for the upcoming launch. 

My goal with making the game was to emulate game development for the Macintosh in the late 80;s, early 90's. The entire development has been done on actual hardware (An SE/30 and moved to an 040 equipped Color Classic 2 and back to a now 040 upgraded SE/30) with both the manual and some art being designed on the device. Art from my artist was imported via an Apple Share drive and edited and prepared using Photoshop 3. 

So for the launch, I'll follow what devs back in the early days of the internet and early 90's did:

  • Setup an old school HTTP and HTTPS websites with an oldschool look and accessible from vintage computers. The website will host screenshots of the game, a link to the store where it can be purchased and links to FTP and HTTP sites that host the shareware download + connection info for BBS'es.
  • Do a trailer of the game and make it available on BBS'es and public FTP servers. of course, it will also be mirrored on youtube. I plan to get the trailer uploaded to cornica as well.
  • Design late 80 Mac World style full page ads on the game and seed them around, maybe even talk with some vintage online magazines to see if they want to host one of these ads

Right now the website is WIP but it can be accessed already. Going to upload more (and better) screenshots as I go along. And yes I'm using FTP on my CCII to upload it because hey, I love restrictions and limitations.

This thread will serve as documentation for this launch endeavour!

Current website and how it looks on a Performa Plus Display and the SE/30 internal screen


Sweet! Can't wait to see the launch! I'll have to get an emulator setup and running so I can play it.
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