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Porting OpenWatcom Conio to BorlandC Conio Tutorial
This tutorial is relatively simple! We will port from the FreeDOS C programming book on the Conio library. We will port from OpenWatcom Conio to BorlandC Conio.

The compiler we will use in this tutorial will be the BorlandC++ 2.0. It is the last version that supports compiling 8086.
The machine we will be building on is a Tandy 1000 SL/2.


FreeDOS C Programming book

Code for Cards.C
#include <conio.h>

/* Set our screens background color */
void clear_tableau(void)

/* Clear our message */
void clear_message(void)
/* Print a message */
void print_message(char *message)
/* Draw message box */
void print_message_box(char *message)
    /* Shadow */

    /* Message Box */

    /* Message! */

/* Draw our card */
void draw_card(void)




int main()

    print_message("Press any key to show a message!");

    print_message_box("Press any key to exit!");

    return 0;
Creator of The Retro Dev.. Living inside of FreeDOS and Linux.

System Specs:
OS: FreeDOS 1.3
CPU: AMD AM5x86-P75+ @150mhz
Memory: 64MB
Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32, Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas
Keyboard: Model-M
HD: 32 GB MicroSD
GPU: S3 Trio 64

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