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QBasic/QuickBasic - Tutorial #1 - Print Command
Learn how to use the PRINT command inside of QBasic/Quickbasic! We will also be looking at REM, ' comments in QBasic/Quickbasic. Finally we will look at using CLS and END to clear the screen and tell the program to end. We will learn how positive/negative numbers work inside of QBasic/Quickbasic with the print command.

Creator of The Retro Dev.. Living inside of FreeDOS and Linux.

System Specs:
OS: FreeDOS 1.3
CPU: AMD AM5x86-P75+ @150mhz
Memory: 64MB
Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32, Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas
Keyboard: Model-M
HD: 32 GB MicroSD
GPU: S3 Trio 64

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