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First off as this forum is named this area is only for giving feedback on things related to The Retro Dev site, forum, BBS or other things connected to it. So please don't post anything else here. I will update this page here as needed. Definitely once the forum and site are "done". I'll need to tweak this a smidge.

The website is definitely still very much a WIP. I have quite a lot of content done but not uploaded. For example I completely redid the main page and added all of the social stuff. I'll launch that tomorrow but probably with everything but the forum link disabled. However if you find any typo's, other error's or have suggestions please post them. I need your feedback in order to make this the best resource for retro development / gaming.

The forum is mostly done theme wise. There is still a few things to fix like the fact this blasted editor is still white even though I have modified all of the files properly Smile.. No idea why it does but eurgh it does. Anyhow feel free to offer up suggestions and post and let me know if you find any area's that are broken. I may not know of them so don't be shy. The other thing is if you have a forum category area for a retro machine or whatever really. Post it with the title CATEGORY SUGGESTION. Doesn't have to be bold though Tongue.

Retro Machine in the profile field. If you have a machine that you would like added. Please respond here or make a new post and I will add it straight away and respond when it's been added.

Not launched yet will update when it is
Creator of The Retro Dev.. Living inside of FreeDOS and Linux.

System Specs:
OS: FreeDOS 1.3
CPU: AMD AM5x86-P75+ @150mhz
Memory: 64MB
Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32, Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas
Keyboard: Model-M
HD: 32 GB MicroSD
GPU: S3 Trio 64

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