*** IRC ***

Join The Error 200 Tech IRC! A great place to chat with other retro/vintage enthusiasts. Connect using the information down below. You will need a IRC client that supports TLS encryption. We have a handy list down below on a number of recommended IRC clients. You may also connect to the IRC from the BBS. Our IRC is proudly powered by Ergo.

IRC Connection Info
Address: irc.error200.tech
Port: 6697
Password: freedosisthebest

Basic IRC Commands
Ergo Manual
List Of IRC Commands
Account Registration: /msg NickServ register mySecretPassword | Please note that passwords are case sensitive
Join Channel: /join #channelname | Joins a channel
Always-on: /msg NickServ set always-on true | Must be a registered user
List: /list | Lists all available channels
Away: /away | Sets yourself to away

IRC Clients
HexChat - (Windows/Mac/Linux)
WeeChat - (Linux)
Irssi - (Linux)
Halloy - (Windows/Mac/Linux)