*** Privacy and TOS ***

Privacy Policy
Privacy is something we take fairly seriously here at The Retro Dev. We are massive proponents of the fact that your data belongs to you and you alone. We do not collect, store, sell or use any of your data other than what is required to use services.

Example:(You need an account to post on the forums or use the BBS). We do not use this data for analytics or anything else. We will never know what pages are most accessed.

We also do not have any ads or trackers whether of our own or 3rd party. Everything from fonts, to the code aside from the forum(MyBB) is hosted and coded by ourselves. The Retro Dev is also a limited JavaScript website if such a thing matters to you.

However this is the age of internet. So below is a list of data that we do get from you whenever you visit The Retro Dev and a mention on 3rd parties. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and by browsing this site you acknowledge and agree to it.

Data we collect
When you visit theretrodev.com and any sub domain the server logs your IP. This is occasionally culled every few days. If you don't want the server to see this then use a VPN.

When you make an account on the forum or bbs we will gather your email, IP and any other information you submit. Your password/email are encrypted and are not accessible by us or anyone else.

3rd Party Services
We use 3rd party services for selling merchandise, hosting video and our software. List below for the current places we use. We have no control over there services. You will have to refer to there privacy policy.

Merchandise - TeeSpring || Software - Itch.io

While not within the EU we will honor valid GDPR requests from anyone anywhere. You may email us below asking for information we do have / to remove any information. However as we do not collect anything at all. Do not be surprised if you get a blank email and/or asking if you want us to delete your forum account.
Contact us at: support -| @ |- theretrodev.com

Terms of Service
The Retro Dev has the right to change these terms of service at any time. You may not redistribute content from this site without expressed written permission.

In regards to AI and data mining. No one may manually or automatically harvest/take content off and feed it into an AI for commercial or non commercial purposes without expressed written permission.

Last modified - 5/17/2024